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updated April 2007
It's now been a year that I've been doing this blog, so I thought that an about page was in due order.

I'm an American living in Paris with my dog who used to live in Paris with my dog, currently plotting my return (expected sometime in 2008). I decided to start blogging when I realized that while there is a wealth of information about Paris on all the frequented areas, attractions, restaurants, and bars, I couldn't find anything on that boutique around the corner, or that tiny bistro down the block. I hope that my experience, and most importantly, my photos of the menus, can help you guys make better choices about your dining experiences in Paris.

Another reason I started doing this is because of the absolutely horrible meals I had the first time I was ever in Paris. My boyfriend served as tour guide, but he is not from Paris and had never lived here before, so it was like the blind leading the blind except for the language thing. Pretty much every meal we had was a rip-off and at a place where I would never dream of going now that I have been living here. Yep, we ate at one of those restaurants right behind St-Michel - the ultimate tourist trap. Overpriced chains at Grands-Boulevards? Check. I think we might have even eaten at McDonald's one time because we were so frustrated with the restaurant lottery! That week was a blend of all the amazing sights, and all the singularly catastrophic (and expensive) meals we had just because we hadn't researched. We foolishly thought that any restaurant in Paris must be good, and that the high prices were normal for a bustling metropolitan. We were so so wrong! I don't know what the ratio of good:bad restaurants is, but I do know that deals are to be found and that there are many hidden treasures. Now, I have my red Michelin guide, my Guide du Routard, and most importantly, google. So I hope to share all my good experiences, warn you away from the bad ones, and show you a little bit of Paris in the process.

An attempt to categorize the dining establishments mentioned on my blog by arrondissement (now includes Strasbourg and Belgium categories as well):


Chez Stella

Le Gallopin
La Souris Verte
Zen Zoo

Le Bar' Bouille
Le Pamphlet

L'As du Fallafel
La Tartine

Le Buisson Ardent
Louis Vins
Le Pré Verre

La Crêpe Rit du Clown
Crêperie Saint-Germain

L'ami Jean
Chez Germaine
La Grande Epicerie
Au Pied de Fouet


Le Brébant

La 25ème Image
Le Cambodge
Le Chapelier Fou
Chez Maurice Le Bourgogne
Le Fils du Soleil
Le Petit Chateau d'Eau
Le Plomb du Cantal
La Strasbourgeoise
Le Verre Volé

Chez Imogène
La Pharmacie

A la Biche au Bois
Jean-Pierre Frelet

Monsieur Lapin

Chez Léon

Les Allobroges

l'Ami Schutz
Auberge de l'Ill
Au Crocodile
L'atelier d'Grand Pere
Le Buerehiesel
Le Croissant Doré


Belgaufra and Fritkot Max
Dock's Cafe

Bistrot du Mail
Le Chou de Bruxelles
Galler Chocolat-The
Restaurant JB
Chez Marie
Le Pavilion

Comments, suggestions, requests, disagreements, corrections, conflicting experiences, links, hints, etc. are very much appreciated.

Oh, and in case you're wondering, the picture is of the appropriately-named Rue du Vieux Colombier in the 6th.

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Kelly said...

Your restaurant reviews are terrific. I really enjoy your blog, and I'm going to make good use of the info you've provided next time I'm in Paris.

maitresse said...

Nada in the 13th! Oh Etienne. The Butte aux Cailles awaits your presence...

Etienne said...

No, I LOVE the butte aux cailles and when I first moved here I really wished I lived there. Au Paracou is one of my boyfriend's favorite restaurants, I love the lunch specials at Le Temps de Cerise, that Hansel and Gretel shop is the cutest, I always get strawberry honey at Les Abeilles to bring home, and Place d'Italie is where I do a lot of shopping. And of course don't forget about Tang Freres, with the cheapest produce ever. But you can have all the asian restaurants.

But I usually only go on the weekends when going out with groups of friends. As a result I don't pay enough attention or take any photos, so I don't bother to post about it.

So yes, I too love the Butte aux cailles, but most of the stuff up here is places I have gone with only my boyfriend, just b/c he is understanding when I say "hey! wait! don't take a bite yet! I've got to take a photo for my blog!" I would never ask that of my friends, who don't even know I blog (shh!)