Thursday, April 05, 2007

Dock's Cafe

Dock's cafe, as if you couldn't tell by the name, is just across the street from the boardwalk in Antwerp. And as you might expect, their specialties are seafood.

A bib gourmand in the Michelin Guide, Dock's Cafe has a set lunch menu during the week for 15€, and a range of weekly set menus that start at 23€. We were too late for the lunch menu, and although all the dishes on the 23€ set menu sounded great, I just wasn't hungry enough to go for it. The seafood platters, which would have been nice, started at ~50€ per person (!), so that was out of the question, especially since neither my boyfriend nor I like raw oysters. A la carte, the main dishes start at ~20€ and go up from there.

For a restaurant that specializes in seafood, they also have a large number of plates focusing on poultry, inexplicably indicated by a duck icon on the menu. We decided to share the assiette PĂ©rigourdine(15€), which seemed so copious in the menu description: rillettes, pate, smoked duck, and gizzards. But alas, it was barely enough for my boyfiend alone:No matter, I wasn't that hungry anyways.

Since it was going to be an expensive lunch no matter what, I decided to get the lobster, served with pineapple and mango in a curry sauce, with a side of balsmati rice (23€):It was the first time I ordered lobster in a restaurant, and it will be the last time just because it is so frustrating to eat! Although it was delicious, I don't want to have to work that hard for my lunch, especially especially when I am so clumsy.

My boyfriend had the scallops pasta (21€):Just fine, but not great, definitely not to my boyfriend's taste, and maybe not even worth the price.

Would I recommend this? Maybe, but only if the set menus are to your liking (they change weekly and are available on the website) or if you feel like splurging on a seafood platter. But don't expect a unique experience here: walking in, I whispered to my boyfriend, "so American!" and he just nodded in agreement. Dock's Cafe was just like any of the generic, more upscale waterfront restaurants that are a dime a dozen on the east coast. Not that there's anything wrong with that - but it's just not what I wanted so many thousands of miles away from the US.

Dock's Cafe
Jordaenskaai 7
2000 Antwerp
03/226 63 30 (works best in Internet Explorer)


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