Sunday, August 20, 2006

La 25eme Image

Around the corner from Antoine and Lili, you'll find the 25ème Image, a bright bar and restaurant that is also a gallery, with photos lining the walls and sculptures hanging from the ceilings. The one pictured at the right was directly over our heads at the table, tilting and rotating ever so slightly throughout the meal. We were seated in the back room, where the ceiling is a sunlight, under a canopy of trees and a caged parakeet belonging to the person living above.

Their menu is simple, offering your basic salads, a few daily specials, and some desserts. (click to enlarge)I guess most customers come here to chill and end up eating something light, or maybe come by later for just dessert, because the offerings are so limited that I couldn't imagine coming here only for dinner. We came here to have a drink on their terrace, and moved inside when I got hungry and wanted something to eat.

At the risk of sounding boring, I have my favorites and I stick to them, so I ordered the Toasted Chèvre Salad (11€), which hit the spot. The only thing that set it apart from other similar salads was that it had the thinnest layer of minced marinated onions underneath the toast, which were great with the fresh tomatoes, and the dressing was an oil & vinager mix (as opposed to the typical mustard vinaigrette - no complaints either way). R. had the jambonette (13,50€), a pork dish, but the portion was very small and he was not satisfied.

Our waitress was very nice, and their location makes it the perfect place to go for a drink after a lazy afternoon at the canal. And don't forget to check out the art!

La 25ème Image
9, rue des Récollets
75010 Paris
01 40 35 80 88
M: Gare de l'Est
Open Monday - Saturday



negrito said...

thanks i did never try this one !!

Etienne said...

yeah it's not too bad if you're in the area