Thursday, April 10, 2008

L'atelier d'Grand Pere

R and I had been running around all day, and we needed to stop and breathe before we rushed on to dinner with friends. We first went by l'Epicerie, but as usual it was totally packed, so R suggested this place. Loved it! So cute, great menu, great atmosphere, great happy hour specials, ok service: a keeper for sure.

I got my usual pot of earl grey, while R took advantage of their happy hour special of tartine + 50cl beer for 3.90€. His "flambeur" tartine was true to its name, basically a tarte flambee -- melted cheese, cream, onions, and bacon, served piping hot on a wooden cutting board -- and so good that it was gone by the time my camera was out. They also have afternoon tea specials: for the same price you get your choice of hot beverage and dessert. And not to mention their lunch specials and enormous salads! I can't wait to try this place for lunch. AND it's open on Sundays!

p.s. hilarious. I had asked our waiter for a business card before we headed out, and I noticed him scribbling something on it before he handed it to me. I just now looked at his addendum to the address: "avec de vrais serveurs qui dansent la tecktonik." With true waiters who dance tecktonick. LOLOLOL. Well there ya go, yet another reason to check this place out, and possibly hit on their amazing dancing waiters.

L'atelier d'Grand Pere
11 rue Sainte Barbe
67000 Strasbourg
Tel: 03 88 22 24 30
Open 7/7
Sunday-Thursday: 11h - 21h
Friday & Saturday: 11h - 23 h

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