Tuesday, January 16, 2007


L'épicerie is the sort of adorable, cosy cafe you turn to when you need to warm up, want to meet friends, or just need a quick bite to eat. Tucked in a prime location, on a small road between the main shopping areas (Galeries Lafayette, Place Kleber) and the Cathedral, it took three tries on three separate occasions before I was able to get a table and experience the goodness for myself.

And my, what goodness. I couldn't contain my shock when the waitress brought out this huge bowl of hot chocolate; I had been expecting the usual dainty cafe portions. Would it surprise you to learn that I couldn't finish it all? Unfortunately I had arrived too early to be hungry and have an excuse to try one of their tartines, though the goat cheese one was calling to me.

But not to worry. I returned a few days later with the boyfriend, and while it was still too early for me to even think about food, he ordered two tartines. He started (!) with the tartiflette tartine, which deserves an exclamation of quelle violence, especially before noon:Cheese, pototoes, and lardons smothering the bread...I would just go for the real thing instead of the delusion that I'm eating the lighter "sandwich" version.
His next tartine more closely resembled an actual sandwich, with a spread of peppered rillettes:But I've been spoiled by the rillettes from the Grand Epicerie and these just couldn't compare.

The extensive listing of tartines:And the wines to go with:
The only thing annoying about this place is its own success: it is always packed. It becomes difficult to sit and quietly enjoy your drink or food when all floor space is occupied by hovering, impatient vultures vying for seats.

6 rue du vieux seigle
67000 Strasbourg
03 88 32 52 41


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