Saturday, November 12, 2005

Canal Saint Martin

I went to the Canal a few weekends ago, one of the last warm weekends in fall. I love the canal, it's a great place to read, people watch, and window shop. It's lined with trendy cafés, bookshops, and stores, and the crowd really varies: old ladies walking their dogs, bobos, students, tourists, gay men...On some weekends it becomes pedestrian only, and as a result becomes filled with families, in addition to the "regular" crowd. The older kids are usually on rollerblades or skateboards and the younger kids are on the push-tricycles. I don't know why, but here I've noticed that most of the tricycles/big wheels/etc have a handle on the back for the parents to push them.

A view of the canal:
One of the pedestrian bridges (if it looks familiar it's because it was in the movie Amélie):
Also, ingenious idea: there is a pizzaria (Pink Flamingo, 10 rue Bichat, 75010) located a block away from the canal. You go place your order, they give you a balloon, you chill by the canal and wait for them to bring it over. I'll definitely try it when it gets warmer again...

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