Monday, May 15, 2006

Le Verre Volé

Le Verre Volé was my fallback restaurant last year. It was where I brought my American friends when I wanted to show off how kewl and French and hip I was, and it is the place to accomplish this and feel typically Parisian. This tiny wine store and bar in the 10th is filled with stereotypical hipsters and bobos, rolling their own cigarettes and filtering in from the area shops or the Canal Saint-Martin, which is just around the corner.

Le Verre Volé has wine bottles from floor to ceiling, some of which are organic or come from small vineyards that you wouldn't find elsewhere. The retail prices are very reasonable, and the prices for bottles when you eat or drink there even more so - you only tack on 5€ to the sticker price! This is a deal considering the hefty markups at most restaurants. They also have a decent selection of wines by the glass starting at 3€.

You can go there to buy a bottle of wine to bring to a friend's dinner; just to have a glass of wine (or more); before dinner for the apéritif; or even for the entire meal. They do not actually prepare any food besides warming it up - they get it all from traîteurs. This means that the menu is 1° limited and 2° doesn't change (with the expection of seasonal additions). It focuses mainly on all the organ-heavy foods that Americans shy away from - pâté, fois gras, andouillette, saucisses - although they now appear to have salmon on their menu. (click to enlarge)The prices are reasonable, with entrées from 5-7€ and main dishes from 10-12€. I used to always get the stuffed quail, which came with the usual garnishings and salad, and my boyfriend loved the andouillette (tripe sausage - gag). I have never tried the desserts there, because the crème brûlées in tin foil reminded me too much of the neighborhood bakery and I didn't feel like paying restaurant prices for such. The wine is the reason to go, but you might end up staying for the food. And what American wouldn't like to feel oh-so-Parisian, even if only for one evening.

Reservations necessary on the weekend (they have a a cute post-it system to reserve the tables)

Le Verre Volé
67, rue de Lancry
75010 Paris
01 48 03 17 34
M: Jacques Bonsergent/Louis Blanc/Gare de l'est


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