Saturday, November 04, 2006

Fils du Soleil

Lodged between République and Strasbourg-Saint-Denis, the Fils du Soleil provides a little slice of South America in the middle of Paris.

The main event of our meal here was the love affair between my small dog and the owners' black lab, Nero. The wife was so enamored of the pair that she even offered to take them both for a walk and then up to their apartment, in the same building, to dogsit during the meal. We also learned how she came to acquire Nero and were shown all the photos of him on her cell phone: further proof that having a dog brings out the hidden Southern Hospitality in Parisians. The dogsitting offer was very kind but I had to refuse, and instead Nero was banished to the owners' table to keep his amorous paws off of my dog. No worries, though: I have passed by it a few times since then and if Nero is leashed to one of the poles in front of the restaurant, the two lovers are able to faire la bise.

Besides, this is a restaurant, not a doggie daycare, so let me tell you a little bit about the actual food. Tortilla chips and fresh salsa were brought to us as soon as we were seated, and we both ordered mojitos that were served to us disappointingly tepid. Reading the descriptions of the main dishes, I (correctly) decided that a main dish would be more than enough, but R started with the coquita de aguacate con mais (5.40€), which featured the most incredible avacado either of us had ever tasted. Like butter, and the size of a grapefruit, we had to inquire about its origins. The husband said he got it from an African speciality shop in the 10th near Faubourg Saint-Denis, and though I haven't been by to check it out I think I know which one he's talking about. Anyways. I digress.

For the main dish, I had a burrito (13.80€), which was served with guacamole, beans and rice, and a salad. What guacamole! I hadn't realized how much I was missing it, or just how good it could be, until I had it here. R had the bandeja paisa (13.80€), which was definitely a manly man dish: ground beef + lardons + eggs + chorizo + beans n'rice + plaintain (which I stole). And a side salad, which of course evens it all out.

We were both stuffed by that time and couldn't even look at the dessert menu, though the owners tried to ply us with tequila shots. All in all, the closest thing to TexMex I have found here in Paris, though I ought to be clear that this is far superior to the TexMex chains back home and it's not really even fair to put the two in the same sentence. They also have both lunch and kids' menus.

The menu (click to enlarge):

Le Fils du Soleil
5, rue René Boulanger
75010 Paris
01 44 52 01 21
M: République or Strasbourg-Saint-Denis
Tuesday - Friday, lunch & dinner; Saturday - dinner only



buzzgirl said...

Holy crap! It's so funny how "regional" food specialties can cost such an exhorbitant amount elsewhere. I live in San Francisco's Mission District, home of the "Mission Style" burrito ( A burrito is $3.25. Want rice and beans with that? Add a buck. And you get to choose from whole pinto, refried, black or refried black beans!

Of course, you're not eating it in Paris, so I guess it all evens out!

Etienne said...

Tell me about it! I am so jealous of your cheap burritos. I don't know of any cheap South American/texmex place in Paris, but that's not to say it's not out there. One of the things that I miss the most is cheap Thai food, though Le Cambodge is an OK substitute. Another thing I really miss is 5 guys burgers (an east coast chain) with the best burgers on earth. The only burgers here are MacDo's or minimum 15€ at a real restaurant. As if I'm gonna pay that much for a burger! Like you said, it's just a trade off...

S. said...

I find it charming that you blog about frozen food, Mexican and Cheez crackers from Paris. Very sweet and real.

I also can't imagine the cost of a burrito in Paris. In Toronto you can get almost any food for cheap to reasonable! We are spoiled in this regard.

Etienne said...

aw thanks! Yep, burritos are a precious commodity here, but where else can you find a crepe stand near any metro station ;)?

K said...

We're newbies here in Paris, having moved here in September. My boyfriend and I tried out Fils du Soleil last night based on your suggestion and it was killer! I'm not a real fan of the area around Republique, but he is, so it was great to find a place that we both loved. We got the royal treatment, 'tho I still can't figure out why, and washed down that beautiful burrito with an aperitif on the house! Thanks, love your blog :)

Etienne said...

Awesome! That's great to know - I guess the owners are just supernice that way. Glad you enjoyed it ;)