Thursday, October 26, 2006

My favorite creperies

A while back I listed my favorite crêpe stands, and a comment inquired about my favorite crêperies. Nutella crêpes are the solution to any bad day, but the full crêperie experience is also a treat. Almost always, crêperies will provide a relatively cheap and quick meal, but this doesn't mean you will walk out any less stuffed or satisfied. Again, I haven't been to them all, and even the ones that I didn't include here aren't bad, just not my favorite for whatever reason. To be perfectly honest, I can't recall ever having a bad experience at a crêperie, and I have only felt like I paid too much if I go for lunch and they don't have a lunch menu. I just remembered. There are two crêperies that I would not recommend: an expensive one near BHV (rue des archives?) and one near Parmentier where the owner was very wierd and aggressive.

On to those with most favored crêperie status:

La Crêpe Rit du Clown
I like this place because they have a choose your own salad option with tons of toppings, which is great if you don't have a crêpe-lover dining with you. Believe it or not, there are some people who prefer salads to crêpes. I have even met someone who doesn't like chocolate, but that is a whole 'nother story. They also have a dinner menu, which they recently increased to ~15€ from only ~11€ (grr): cocktail + galette + dessert crêpe + cider. The only drawback is if you get relegated to the windowless basement, which can be drafty, means slower service, and just isn't as cute as the main floor.
6, Rue des Canettes
75006 Paris
01 46 34 01 02
M: Mabillon or Saint-Germain-des-Prés

Crêperie Saint-Germain

I have a fondness for this place because I used to lunch there quite frequently. It has a bright artsy decor, and a ~9€ lunch menu: galette + dessert crêpe + a glass of cider. No dinner menu. Cool upstairs alcove. Nothing really sets it apart from the other crêperies flanking it (the boat one and the art one - both just fine) except for the interior, but I guess this is as valid a reason as any to prefer it over them.
33, rue Saint-André-des-Arts
75006 Paris
01 43 54 24 41
M: St-Michel

Chez Imogène
This place is right across the street from one of my favorite cafés, La Pharmacie. It has multiple menus, with varying options and courses, but I can't recall the prices or the details. I believe the lunch menu is also around 9€, and the most expensive dinner menu is 15€. The menus might finally be up on the website by the time you are reading this so check it out. The seating can be cramped but the service is friendly and they also have daily specials that are more elaborate than one might expect from a crêperie.
25, rue JP Timbaud
75011 Paris
01 48 07 14 59
M: Oberkampf
Open everyday except Monday lunch

I also feel obligated to mention somewhere I have never been, Crêperie Ty near Montparnasse, because I have gotten outstanding recommendations for it from multiple sources. The bar owner around the corner from where I live swears by their salted caramel crêpes.

Anyone else have any recommendations?


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