Sunday, March 30, 2008

Colmar and Le Croissant Dore

I said I would write more about Colmar, so here goes. Colmar is an adorable Alsatian town worthy of at least an afternoon visit if not more. Our afternoon stroll took us through the old town, each storefront more wonderfully Alsatian than the next.
There was also a church,the famous Bretzels of Colmar (that I didn't try), And a door marked from the 15th century
and just beyond the passageway to the right of the 15th century door, the most wonderful cafe, Le Croissant Doré. Don't you love how they wrote their name above the door? It reminds me of those Highlights stories that substituted images for words.

The front pastry case lured in many a passerby,and this tiny cafe was packed when we arrived. I loved this place. Art nouveau decor through and through, this cozy place was filled with friends catching up, families treating their children to an afternoon soda, readers curled with a good book...and on top of that, friendly service from two adorable old ladies! All the faux French cafes or bistros in America strive to have what this place has -- authenticity, a neighborhood feel -- and so if you want the real thing, this is where you need to go.

Le Croissant Doré
28, Rue des Marchands
68000 Colmar
Tel: 03 89 23 70 81

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