Friday, January 27, 2006


Sooner or later I knew I was going to have to do a post about Angelina's. Angelina's is, quite simply, where you can have the best hot chocolate in the whole wide world. The african hot chocolate is incredible. Thick, insanely rich (enough to be breakfast AND lunch), it is accompanied with a little bowl of authentic crème chantilly, a glass of water, and if you're lucky enough (I was), an incredible view of Rue de Rivoli and the Jardin des Tuileries.
Feast your eyes:

My friend got some sort of coffee:

It was late afternoon on a clear, sunny day; the kind of day that brings out all of the glory of Paris. I passed through Place de la Concorde on my way to Angelina's, and the view at that time of day was breathtaking. Looking at the Obelisk from the viewpoint of the Hotel Crillon, for example. In front of you is the obelisk; right after that you have the Seine and the Assemblée Nationale; further back on the right you have the sun reflecting off the golden roof of Les Invalides. Wow. We walked along Rue de Rivoli for a bit afterwards, passing by the Louvre (on the right), the Conseil d'état (on the left), and finally turning towards Les Halles where we got to see Ste-Eustache in all her splendor:

Days like help me forget all the stuff I hate about Paris.

226 Rue de Rivoli
75001 Paris

The hot chocolate is 6€20, which is quite reasonable for what you get. Normal price runs at about 3€50; here you get a pitcher with about that gives you about 2+ cups, real crème chantilly, and the amazing location. An indulgence, but well worth it!
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Julia said...

Thank you for this lovely post - I actually did a hot chocolate post on my own blog at about the same time as you did this post!(

I have to try Angelina's when I'm over in July - silly question but do you use the creme chantilly as you would with cream or milk?

Anonymous said...

I agree it is the best hot chocolate in the world. I actually had the luck of enjoying some last spring while I was in Paris.