Thursday, July 10, 2008

Les Papilles

Les Papilles is one of the best values for those of you adventurous enough to accept whatever the chef deigns to serve you. For you have only one option when eating here: the 31 € "retour du marche" menu which includes entree, main dish, cheese, and dessert course. I lucked out with every course on my first visit, and had a great meal.

We were an hour late (oops), so we got relegated to the bar, but it actually wasn't that bad because we weren't as cramped as some of the people sitting at the tables, and the bartender/waiter was very sweet and took good care of us. I wouldn't mind sitting there again. R. immediately ordered the charcuterie platter, which started us off well.

We both went with the menu (well, it's not like we had any other choice), and I was very happy with the first course, a mint pea soup. I thought it sounded weird but I loved it. That bowl is filled with veggies, croutons, and bacon (yum), over which was served the soup.

Next was the lamb. Oh, that lamb. No, I'm not a pig, this was for both of us! The sauce around it was filled with roasted summer vegetables, and was almost like a meat-infused ratatouille. Delish.

My cheese course was so pretty: brie drizzled with olive oil, chives, and some sweet sauce (plum? black cherry? don't remember). R got a salad substitution for the cheese.

Finally, our dessert. A cup of mascarpone with fresh peaches on the bottom and a coulis of peach on top. I never order these creamy types of desserts, but they are always so good when I taste them, so I was happily surprised.

I do not remember the wine we ordered, but it was whatever the pick of the day was to go with the menu - see how easy they make it for you?

When we were leaving we noticed a large party appearing out of nowhere, leaving. It was then that we learned about the "rugby room": the private dining room downstairs, decorated with rugby memorabilia, complete with flat screen tele. Something to keep in mind for large groups.

This bib gourmand is the place to go if you want a darn good meal without breaking your bank account - so long as you don't have any special dietary restrictions. They were willing to make some movement on the menu - they offered to substitute the tuna for the lamb, but don't bring your vegetarian friend, or even your "I don't eat farm animals with four legs, but sometimes I eat chicken, and maybe pork if I feel like it, oh and can I have my dressing on the side?" friend. On the website there is a "carte" with tartines and salads, but I think that is only for lunch. They also sell their wines and canned goods for takeaway.

BistroY... Les Papilles
30 rue Gay Lussac
75005 PARIS
tel : 01 43 25 20 79

Open for lunch and dinner Tuesday - Saturday
Reservations recommended on the weekends.

Saturday, July 05, 2008

So not having internet...kind of annoying. But now housing is all sorted out (nope, won't even go there!) and internet is too and I'd thought I'd share this lovely surprise that greeted us while walking home one evening a few weeks ago.
Le Figaro is currently exhibiting "30 ans d'emotion" at the Jardin du Luxembourg, with some of the most moving images in the past 30 years, many of which were covers of the Figaro Mag. You can find out more information about the exhibit and the photos on the Senat website.

Hurry by to take a look, since you only have until July 15 to see them!