Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Must stay away from bookstores

I have a very bad habit. I can't stop buying books. Even when I have many unread, or half-started books waiting on the shelves at home. So I have a new rule: no more new books until I've finished all the ones I already have. The problems is that books are so cheap here, and to top it all off, two of the major chains offer new and used books side-by-side. This makes it easy to find good bargains, and thus hard to resist buying (gently) used books. I love Gibert Joseph and Gibert Jeune precisely because of this: it is so easy to find the books you want. All of the used books stores I know back in the US are unorganized messes, with triple rows of books on the same shelf, usually organized only in categories. You can't actually go to these bookstores trying to look for something, you can only hope to stumble across something that might interest you. Not so with the two GJs! My only irritation is with Gibert Jeune specifically, because often they will display only the new copies on the shelves, when multiple used copies are in the reserve.

Today was my last big book splurge for a long time, I hope. I was delighted to find a used copy of "Histoires Inédites du Petit Nicolas", hilarious short stories (for kids) about Nicolas and his band of friends, illustrated by Sempé, one of my favorite comic book artists.

I also got two more Fred Vargas policiers, my first Romain Gary book ("La Vie Devant Soi"), and another Jean-Christophe Rufin book, "Rouge Brésil" (I'm almost done with "La Salamandre" and loving it). Enough to last me a while ;) Any recommendations for favorite books (in English or French) are always appreciated!

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