Monday, January 16, 2006

France's Hillary Clinton? Or Mimi Rogers?

I was reading a blurb in the free daily "Métro" when I learned that Ségolène Royal is apparently the most popular French politician. She has been compared to Hillary, for a number of reasons: she's a woman, she's a member of the Socialist Party (ok, Hillary's not a socialist, but you know, left-leaning), and she's PACSed with another politician, François Holland, who is currently Secretary General of the Socialist Party. Funny that they are pacsed (PACS: civil union created in response to calls for gay marriage, but also open to male/female couples). Also of note is that she graduated from L'ENA, the end-all be-all, most elite of institutions for any wanna-be politician or bureacrat. (Note: here in France, mothers want their daughters to marry bureaucrats, not the traditional American hope of a doctor or a lawyer). In the paper there was only a itty bitty picture of her, but tonight I happened to catch her interview on TV5. And I couldn't help but notice her uncanny resemblance to America's favorite scientologist (after Tom Cruise, of course): Mimi Rogers!

Check it out for yourself:

Ségolène's the top photo. And don't you just love her first name?! Say-go-leen. If TV5 posts clips of the interview I'll try to get a link up.

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