Wednesday, January 18, 2006

l'Opéra Garnier

Despite having lived in Paris for a year and a half now, I still have a long list of things I want to do or visit here. Sainte-Chapelle, La Comédie Française, a meal at the Tour d'Argent...the list goes on. Last week I got to mark one thing off the list as I finally went to the opera! And not the ugly modern Bastille one, the old, beautiful, Garnier operahouse. Granted, I attended a modern ballet that was like watching yoga in slow motion without music (the only sound was the squeaking of bare feet on the floor), but the tickets were well worth entrance to the operahouse itself. And I swear I saw Jessica Biel two rows in front of us - if it wasn't her it was someone who could seriously be her twin.

Unfortunately, my photos SUCK. They are either too dark or too blurry or both, so you'll have to do a google images search to see the amazing Marc Chagall rotunda. The only ones that did come out are the following.

The ceiling in the lobby:

The opera boxes in the back left corner (when facing the stage):

And a detail of the opera boxes:

Talk about luxury.

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