Monday, January 02, 2006

Bonne Année!

Yeah, I know it's been forever. What can I say. I got caught up with the holidays, but now I'm back. I'll have a long post on where I went for the holidays, complete with fabulous pictures, but in the meantime, some random thoughts:

*I laughed everytime I read a news article about the transport strikes in NYC. How often does that happen there? And how long did it last? Please, people, over here in France that's just a monthly occurrence. Welcome to my world! And consider yourself lucky that it was only public transport, so far I have experienced a post office strike, a garbagemen strike, multiple teacher strikes, multiple train strikes, and I'm sure many more that I can't think of/didn't really affect me. Now imagine all of those AT THE SAME TIME. Ah, France.

*Back in the US I was surprised to learn that Joann Sfar, one of my favorite comic book artists of all time, has been translated to English. And probably for a long time, I just never noticed til my younger sibling mentioned his series "The Little Vampire". A few of his other series have been translated as well, but I don't think they've gotten around to his Carnets yet (published by l'association here in France) which are sublime. Hilarious, and cute, and moving, and I love the watercolors. The link to his page is on the right, definitely check it out. Though I can't recommend any of his kids stuff, just because I haven't read it (yet).

*I got the new Madonna CD and am lovin' it (ie, playing it OVER and OVER and OVER again, much to my roommate's dismay).

*I got a lot of reading in over break (yay!) including: A Civil Action by Jonathan Harr, OneL by Scott Turow, True Notebooks by Mark Salzman, In Cold Blood by Truman Capote, and Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince by JK Rowling. Currently in the middle of a policier and a Suze Orman book.

*Also caught up (kinda) on movies - Must Love Dogs, The Aviator, March of the Penguins, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, and saw some old ones - Bonfire of the Vanities (I thought it was hilarious!), Before Sunrise & Before Sunset and The Secretary.

Will update with pics soon!

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