Monday, January 23, 2006

Always check the cap!

Today I bought a liter of milk from Franprix. No big deal. Til a couple hours later when I went to open it...and it was already opened! Again, no big deal, if I was back in the US I would just return to my friendly neighborhood Publix, the best grocery store chain ever, and exchange it out, no questions asked. I knew what I was getting into on my walk back to the store, and I even debated whether it was worth the 1.11€, but then I just decided to go with it.

I now feel like I shouldn't go back to Franprix in the next, oh, month or two. The ladies who work there didn't believe me. They thought that I had opened it myself and was exchanging it out for some reason unbeknownst to them. They did it, but all the while reminding me that it was not the policy, only this one time, that the bottle of milk was ruined, etc. When I tried to explain that I bought it opened, and that I did not realize until I got home, emphasizing that I did not open it myself, they told me that it was my responsibility to verify the bottles and that they didn't want to know about anything else. I am certainly going to do that from now on; I already scrutinize the expiration dates because I have found products that are already out of date on their shelves, now it's just a matter of verifying every seal of every container.

The presumption of guilt is what annoys me the most. Ugh. And the mystery: why would I open a bottle of milk, not drink any of it, and exchange it for the exact same type of milk on the same day?

And why do I go to the ridiculously expensive, badly stocked, corner Franprix anyways? Because the nearest "real" grocery store requires a full morning for the metro ride and "experience" of shopping there, plus the always uncomfortable lugging of bags through the metro. But I think I have discovered a solution to the unpleasant and time consuming business of grocery shopping: getting your groceries delivered! Auchan online has a promo code "relax" that gives you free delivery with any purchase over 120€ (normally it's 10€, or free with 150€+). So I placed my order over the weekend, chose a delivery time tomorrow evening, and we'll see how it turns out. The prices aren't that bad - a bit more expensive than at Auchan itself but still cheaper than any of the grocers in the 'hood - and their selection is pretty darn good, with the exception of fruits and veggies. My roomie and I had to push it to make the limit, but it will feel great to have a full fridge again. And at reasonable prices with no stress! Hooray for free grocery delivery.

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