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And some more linkhappiness:

When I read this article in the NYTimes, I was astonished. Are they kidding? The title is "Affordable Europe", and for their choice of a cheap restaurant they choose one with a 30€ set menu. Since when is 30€ cheap?! If you really wanna do Paris on a budget, you can eat well under that. Just a few seriously cheap restaurants off the top of my head:
Au Pied de Fouet
Chez Stella, 3 rue Thérèse, 75001 Paris, 01 42 96 22 15 (13€ 12€ set menu)
Chez Maurice Le Bourgogne, 26 rue des Vinaigriers, 75010 Paris, 01 46 07 07 91 (13€ set menu)
Refuge des Fondues, 17 rue des Trois Frères, 75018 Paris, 01 42 55 22 65 (15€ set fondue menu INCLUDING wine!)
Plus, any old creperie.
Now you won't have any culinary masterpieces at these places, but you'll eat hearty French food for well under 30€ TOTAL.

Don't even ask me how I came across this site. A nifty guide to parking lots in Haywards Heath, England, the author has come up with a unique "Paintwork Damage Quotient" rubric as part of the rating system. Someone should do the same for Paris! In addition to the quantifiable rating system, the site provides great commentary, praising one lot that has a "gilt-edged roll call of features"and providing the common names in addition to the official ones, ie "That little know" or "Is that for Robert Dyas too?"

This blog breaks my heart. There is a kill shelter in Georgia that only gives the animals 7 DAYS to be adopted or claimed before putting them down. If I lived anywhere near Spaulding County, Ga, I would definitely want to adopt a few of these babies.

This site is such a great idea! You can buy gift certificates at restaurants here, for more than 50% off the retail value! It has national listings, and a pretty darn good selection as well - not just chains or franchises, and the whole gamut from fast food to nice places. Again, if only they had this in France (sigh).

And finally, the food timeline is really interesting. Not only does it give the dates of when foods or recipes were invented (cupcakes - 1740; rice krispies treats - 1941), it also has old menus on it.

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The Stiltwalker said...

Chez Maurice Le Bourgogne - been here. not bad but yes, cheap.

Etienne said...

Yeah, none of these are really awesome (though au pied de fouet is pretty close, and you can't beat the refuge des fondues if you're in the mood for fondue). But if you wanna decent meal without breaking the bank they're all good options, though admittedly Le Bourgogne is my least favorite because it's so inconsistent. Other cheapies I didn't mention are Flam's (I have photos from months ago, need to post), Chartier (again, need to post), and La Paracou at Butte-aux-cailles in the 13th. And suggestions are welcome of coure :)

Julia said...

Thanks for this list, Au Pied De Fouet sounds fantastic and as I love La Grande Epicerie I will definitely try it when I'm in Paris in July.

I adored a tiny French-Italian restaurant on Ile St Louis that had 10E lunch menus and 18E dinner menus (dinner was always booked out, but I always got in for lunch). Sorry that I can't remember the name (they have a blackboard outside with the 10E/18E deal written on it), and I hope it's still there, but it's just brilliant. Everything I ate was delicious (I particularly remember the soups and mousses) and the waiter (just the one, it's so small) is humble and lovely. If you know the name please let me know!