Tuesday, May 16, 2006

I <3 Thierry

As you may or may not know, tomorrow ARSENAL plays in the final of the Champions League!!!!!! As a Gooner (a fan of the Gunners), I am ecstatic. So I just wanna give a shout out to my main man, the love of my live, the guy who can surely lead the Gunners to victory, Thierry Henry. A few photos for those of you who have yet to realize how gorgeous this striker is.
Cheesin' it up:
On the muppets?! Or, Theirry Henry, future rock star
Aww don't you love that smile?
A moment of reflection (pensive Thierry)
Fashionista Thierry (call me)
Yet another adorable photo (take that, Chelsea!) . Can't you just imagine him saying "Aww, shucks" in this one?
I will lead the Gunners to victory tommorow in the finals! You can count on me! °1 4-eva!
And I can't leave out the coach, Arsène, aka Mr. Burns with hair:
I will be glued to the screen tomorrow evening...I wish I was back in London, cuz I know it will be madness! Needless to say, if they lose, I will definitely shed a tear or two...but I know they can overcome those Barcelona scum.



The Dawked World said...

hey! i have to agree with you. henry is THE most influential player of our times. At times he is more than an icon or an idol but a demi-god..
if you are interested in some good humour, check out www.daw-ked.blogspot.com for my blog.. some of the stuff is good and some isn't but thats for you to decide.. ;-)

Julia said...

Oh how I love Thierry! And you've chosen the best shots (with captions). Can't wait for the match (and then I get to see him at the World Cup!). I also adore Arsene...especially if/when he brings home the trophy!

Julia said...


Etienne said...

My favorite jerseys I saw yesterday were those with the #14 and "dieu" instead of "Henry"...hee hee. A sad night for Arsenal but I was so happy that they finally made it to the finals, they played their hearts out and now I can only hope that Henry will stick around...

Julia said...

Hear, hear!

Zizou - le meilleur. said...

Haha, I love Thierry Henry and I'm a huge supporter of the France national team, but I have a love for Chelsea. My two favorite teams are Les Bleus and The Blues. How cool is that.