Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Le Printemps des Rues @ Canal Saint-Martin

Last weekend the Canal Saint-Martin got all jazzed up thanks to the annual spring festival, Le Printemps des Rues. There were all sorts of performances and activities for the kiddies, as well as an installation by Constance Arizzoli et Marie-Caroline de Baecque along the canal. The theme was "insTemps Bleus" and while the website explains in detail the reasons for choosing the color blue as a theme, I couldn't help but notice that the installation - blue cloth hanging in the bordering trees - made the polluted water in the Canal seem even greener and dingier.
Still, the Canal area was livelier than usual, especially given the psychotic weather - sunny & warm to chilly & cloudy, all in the space of a few minutes. And today, the 31st of May, it is consistently freezing. What is UP with this Parisian weather? I feel sorry for any tourists who had planned a lovely spring vacation in Paris, only to be met with winter weather upon arrival. I hope it warms back up soon. Wearing a winter coat in June is just unnatural! (This is coming from a girl raised in the South, used to only two seasons - spring and summer - who will next year be far far away in the North will there will be only one season - winter. I better get used to wearing my "winter" clothes in May!)


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