Saturday, May 13, 2006


Today I passed by Artazart, a bookstore on Canal Saint-Martin. This independent bookstore focuses mostly on design and photography, and has a wide kids selection as well as interesting stationary and paper supplies. I would definitely drop by if you're in the area. Half of it is a gallery, with monthly exhibitions that usually provide eye-catching displays - I remember one time they had two electric fans blowing around confetti. Today, however, I was sad when I saw their windows: I guess they had a problem with their big orange shutters that normally protect the windows, and vandals couldn't resist the virgin surface. The entire storefront is covered with this ugly Sharpie marker graffiti. In spite of this, the management retains a good sense of humor, simply explaining the situation as "Unwanted temporary decorations."

83, quai de valmy
75010 Paris
01 40 40 24 00
mon>fri 10h30 - 20h30
sat>sun 14h - 20h

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