Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Barcelona 2 - Arsenal 1

Yes, the tears have been shed. Not only for Arsenal's immediate loss (sob), but also for the very strong possibility of an even more important loss - my love, Thierry Henry, who might no longer be at Highbury next season. I'm not even going to talk about the bad calls of the match (Henry's yellow card, or the Barcelona's supposed off-side goal), the high points (Sol Campbell!), the low points (Lehmann's red card, poor Pirès)...

But on a less depressing note, I thought it was really cute the way Barcelona's Ludovic Giuly hoisted his toddler son on his shoulders after the game, making the rounds of both Arsenal and Barcelona players.I couldn't find the photo of Henry kissing the kid's forehead, but it was adorable. And at least at the end you felt like the teams were friendly and it was a (relatively) honest, clean game - good sportsmanship on both sides, barring Henry & Wenger's frustrated accusations minutes after the game ended.


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