Thursday, July 13, 2006

Coming Attractions

I've been meaning to get these up forever, be patient...
Le Fils du Soleil
La 25ème Image here it is
Rue Princesse - A Creperie, an English Pub, a Soup Bar, and a Club
Le Bistrot des Oies
Le Petit Chavignol
Le Petit Marcel
Jean-Pierre Frelet check it out here
My return Au Cambodge, Zen Zoo, & Chez Stella

In the meantime I'll give a quick rundown of the crêpe stands (not creperies/restaurants) around Paris. While I can't claim to have visited them all, and this list will only mention a handful, all crêpe stands are not equal.

My favorites:
-Blvd. St-Michel, right after the main Gilbert Jeune (I think it's also the cheapest, at 2.60€ for a Nutella crêpe).
-At St-Augustin, at the café on the corner of the main place and Rue de la Pépinière. They are so buttery!

The Worst:
-At the refreshment stand in the Parc Monceau. 3.50€ for a soggy microwaved mess? No thank you.
-Next to the McDonalds at Strasbourg-Saint-Denis. I think they put a lot of water in their Nutella.
-"Aux Meilleurs Crêpes de Paris" - Grands-Boulevards, right next to Le Brébant. What really bugs me is that they have the audacity to proclaim themselves the best crêpes in Paris when actually they are the worst, hands down. The crêpes are heavy, thick and rubbery.

Just fine:
-The one at Madeleine, right in front of the Orange Store.
-The ones on Avenue General Leclerc, between Alesia and Mouton Duvernet.
-The ones at Les Halles/Châtelet.

Suggestions/additions welcome!



ParisBreakfasts said...

I like the citron crepe on blvd St. Germaine near the Metro steps there. But I'd like to know which crepe restos you like...I saw tons of them near rue Odessa area but had no idea how to choose.

Rodney said...

I like the one on Rue Cler/Rue du Champs de Mars across from the wine shop.