Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Even ESPN can't accept France's loss...

I know I haven't written much. It's summer, it's hot, I'm lazy, I'm sad/depressed about the final. But I've got to share this with you. This morning I was looking at the France team gear available. I think I'm going to get this shirt, and I'm waffling over jerseys. Since Arsenal has a new sponser, the old O2 jerseys are on sale, and I do like the classic maroon ones. But I was most surprised to come across this recurrent glitch on the Footlocker/Champs/ESPN shop affiliates:Apparently even American shops are having a hard time getting over France's loss.

Because you see, this is the adidas shirt that would've been on sale if France had won. It's a bit small to make out, but it is the French version of the Italy World Champion Tee, currently on sale & available:For some reason the French one is showing up in their World Cup products, even though when you click on it an error message appears. Oops indeed - giving the French fans a reminder of what could've been is like rubbing salt in the wound! Anyone know if I could actually get my hands on one of these anywhere?

***UPDATE*** The France shirt is no longer showing up on the websites.

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