Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Coup de Boule

And the newest installment in the Zidane saga is the song immortalizing the headbutt and Trezeguet's missed penalty:

powered by ODEO"Coup de Boule" by La Plage, 2:43.

I was glued to the screen during his interviews on TF1 and Canal+. I thought the TF1 was better (more detailed, more personal, less rehearsed?). He didn't say the exact words that Materazzi used, just confirming that the insult involved the women in his family, and he never once pronounced Materazzi's name, referring to him only as "he" or "that player"...definitely still some sore feelings. And this article on Yahoo sports [fr] says that according to FIFA code, teams can be disqualified if found guilty of discrimination or racist behavior...but I wouldn't hold my breath.

***EDIT*** Also I just came across this awesome Zidane compilation. It's long (~9 minutes), but definitely worth it - it has his goals, assists, controls, and of course taking down the defenders in his path.

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dokenrique said...

There are several of us here at work in Los Angeles who are great admirers of Zidane. We know that he's good but the video clips showed he's even better than we thought. It's hard to get appreciation of someone by only watching him play in World Cup once every 4 years.
Really enjoy your blog. France is my favorite destination to visit in Europe

Masked Blueberry said...
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Masked Blueberry said...

Thank you so much for the video. Zizou is my absolute hero.

I'm wondering if you could please give the location of where you found the video. I would like to download it onto my computer. Thanks Again!