Monday, February 06, 2006

Le Buisson Ardent II: My Return

Remember when I went to Le Buisson Ardent for the first time? I went back this weekend, for another celebration type dinner. First, the good stuff. Once again the service was friendly and helpful. This time we were treating someone else, so I called up to ask them if they had menus without prices. They said no, *but* that they could print off a special menu for the person we were treating. WOW! So I gave them a description of her, and sure enough when we arrived she got the special menu sans prix! I am very impressed. Accomodating special requests is no given in France, and it was really nice of them to do that for us.
So now to the disappointment...the menu gastronomique doesn't change. So we had the exact same meal as back in November, with the exact same wines. I thought to myself, "Well, maybe because it's still winter and they only change their menu seasonally." So we asked the waiter and he shot my theory down: it's always foie gras - 2nd course - quail - dessert. Only the 2nd course and the dessert change occasionally. That is kind of a bummer. Also we didn't get comped on cognac this time (sob). But still it's a great restaurant, and their other menus have a super selection, so I probably will be going back soon :)

You know my last post on Banania? Guess what. Following a suit filed against the company for its slogan "Y'a bon Banania", the company is getting rid of it! They haven't used it on their packaging since 1977, but now they will no longer even pay the fees to protect the copyright. Here's a good article in English about it. And here's an official description of the suit by those who filed it. And another news article in French. And yet another one.


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