Friday, February 24, 2006

La Poste

While most trips to the Post Office usually involve long lines, grouchy salespeople, and even grouchier customers (or worse, people who skip the line!), today I was in for a pleasant surprise: no line, a nice salesperson, and shiny new stamps! I do not collect stamps, in fact I do not collect anything, but I really like buying new *pretty* stamps. La Poste had me at the series based on French life and sights, with photos that induced stomach growling:
I don't know if you can make it out, but in the bottom left corner is a stamp featuring quiche lorraine; the bottom center is cassoulet; top right corner is oysters.
This set features Cantal (the cheese), Rilletes, Bouillabaisse, and Choucroute.

Only in France. Can you imagine an American stamp featuring a hamburger? Or barbeque? Perhaps I am overlooking other American culinary delights that surely merit an official stamp.
I laughed when I saw the "video game" line of stamps. How cool to have Mario on a stamp!

I thought these were really cute, and I thought about getting them,

until I saw these which totally won me over:
First of all, France has finally jumped on the sticker-stamp bandwagon. What took them so long?! When did we first get sticker-stamps in the US...5 years ago, at least?! So hurray for one step towards modernity. Also, I just like the stamps and the neat little timeline on the back of the packet. I would be even happier if other favorites were included, but it is pretty much the all-star lineup of Impressionists so I can't complain. Available at a post office near you ;)



Eric said...

Actually, we've had sticker stamps for a long time now, just not the pretty ones. Loved your post...

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