Friday, February 10, 2006

Gather 'Round

Ladies. I have a secret to share. I have been given the address of a store where you can buy Petit Bateau for rock bottom prices. Surely too good to be true, I went today to check it out myself. It exists! In the back of this store, there are two bins, one with tops and one with bottoms. It requires a bit of scavenging to find the size and color that you want, and either the "petit bateau" is crossed out or the tag is cut (à la TJMaxx/Marshalls), but either way it comes to only 2 euros an item which is a GREAT deal, my friend. So I pass along this knowledge to you: JABI, 15, Av de Clichy, 75017, Paris, 01 42 93 67 45. If anyone else knows of any "outlets" in the Paris area I would love to have the addresses ;).

And a few images from the shops near Place des Vosges...
The dress in the window is truly a creation. It reminds me of a cake (why do I always think of food...):

Speaking of food, this restaurant was a few doors down...hey who's that guy in the window?!

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1 comment:

Allez Zizou! said...

Lol, maybe you always think of food because you're American? I can't wait to move to France.

And that guy in the window creeps me out. =/