Friday, February 03, 2006

The 15 second rule

No, I am not referring to how long food that has been dropped can rest on the ground before it is no longer edible. I am instead referring to my own formula for instant bliss:

[pastry of your choice] + [15 seconds* in microwave] = instant bliss

If it's a croissant au beurre, the buttery crust will melt in your mouth. Even better, if it's a pain au chocolat, the chocolate will have melted. I used to be so disappointed when I bought a pain au chocolat that wasn't hot out of the oven (I know my corner bakery's schedule by heart ;)), but now I can enjoy a pain au chocolat at any time of the day!

If you wish to increase the instant bliss factor, I would suggest a mug of Banania. Far superior to just plain 'ol hot chocolate, Banania is thicker and more filling without the sugary sweetness of Nesquik (or Swiss Miss, for those of you Stateside). I was hesitant to try it because of the ingredients that are not usually included in hot chocolate: bananas (duh) and cereal, but now it's all I buy. Mmmm. Banania.

Also of note is the backlash against the images associated with Banania (this seems especially pertinent due to the recent mess about the recognition of the benefits and "rôle positif" of French colonization). Here is one of the older logos, which was also available this holiday season in the form of a special collecter's tin :

And the original box design:

But don't let that, or the presence of bananas, deter you from trying it. It will be one of the products that I will really miss when I'm back in the US.

*My roomie has a 20 sec. rule but I find that it leaves the pastries soggy and limp. You'll have to experiment with your microwave to get it just right!
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buzzgirl said...

Mmmmm. All the taste and twice the racism. Délicieux!