Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Crazy cars in the 'hood

The Brice de Nice-mobile:

This is a Publicity-on-wheels SmartCar. This car is as small - or even smaller - than it looks. About the same size as a golfcart, it can hold two adults, and they are ALL OVER Paris. It's quite normal to see personal cars covered in ads here, much in the same way that public buses are in the States. Unfortunately I didn't catch a glimpse of the driver and I am curious to find out, just because of this film's reputation. Brice de Nice was a cult TV show turned film last spring that is hugely popular among tweens. The most popular quote from the film is "Je t'ai cassé", which would translate as "You got worked!" or "You got burned!". So you can just imagine the effect if you see the Brice de Nice-mobile rollin' down the street, parking, the driver's door opens...and out pops a lil old lady.

This hideous thing is for sale. I can't remember the asking price, though. Don't you love the way the sideview mirrors are held together with packing tape? That's class, baby. I mean, it's a Benz after all. Not to mention the paint job. Perhaps it was a taxi in a past life?

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