Friday, November 25, 2005

I hate UPS

= the devil

I hate UPS. I am so angry with them right now. Yesterday I came home to find a delivery attempt notice, saying that they would come back at the same time today. Ok. Wierd, I wasn't expecting anything, I do status check and I discover it's sent from one of the schools I applied to. Surely they wouldn't UPS a rejection, so this can only be good news, right? You can imagine my excitement and anticipation. So I wait around all morning, nobody comes, and I check the UPS website to see what's up. Here is what it says: "THE RECEIVER WAS NOT AVAILABLE TO SIGN ON THE 2ND DELIVERY ATTEMPT. A 3RD DELIVERY ATTEMPT WILL BE MADE". WTF! I am here, waiting for you you retarded mofos. So I have to call a paying number (yes, 11 cents a minute to complain about their screw up), and I find out the guy will come back again SOMETIME TODAY. Because I have all day to wait around for retarded UPS drivers. When I called and asked WTF they told me that he probably pressed the wrong apartment buzzer. What a great excuse for sucky service - drivers who can't even press the right button.

And this happens EVERY SINGLE TIME.

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