Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Rave: Les Graphistes

I love paper products, to the point of obsession. I have more stationary and cards than I will probably use in this lifetime, but I can never resist when I see good quality and interesting letter paper or cards, especially when on sale. I'm even worse with journals: I don't want to count how many new, empty journals are sitting in my closet, or worse, how many I have started but never finished. This is the story of my life, ever since I was a child and read Harriet the Spy.

I fall victim to these purchases in the gift shops of museums, occasionally in little bookstores like Artazart, and most often I get stuck lingering in the stationary departments of Gibert Jeune or Fnac. Sometimes this even happens to me in Monoprix or Auchan, as I remain firmly planted before the rainbow of the simple, but colorful, Clairefontaine notebooks. Yes, French paper is as good as everyone says it is, soft and glossy and thick, and nothing compared to Mead's thin college-ruled looseleaf.

I am mesmerised by one brand in particular, Les Graphistes by Jnf Productions. Last year I bought the following agenda and notebook. But this year they kept the same designs! And the only slight difference is one for the worse.
So, my agenda:Cliché? Perhaps. But they kept the exact same quotes as last year! I would like some new inspirational quotes, thank you very much. So I will not be purchasing this for 2007.
The partly-filled journal:Again, the same quotes! And the only change they made was to the color of the text: it is now white instead of black. I think the glossy black on matte black effect was much cooler.

Oh well I probably didn't need a new journal anyways. But I can't hold it against Les Graphistes, I still love their designs. I've seen this line at the Fnac aux Halles and the main Gibert Jeune, though apparently they have their very own boutique which I have yet to visit:

Jnf Productions
Achat et ventes de livres d'occasion
17-19 rue Visconti
75006 Paris
Tél: 01 44 41 19 60
Métro: St Germain des Prés

UPDATE: Actually, I just noticed that there is one difference with the agenda's quotes: the Che quote replaces "Allez, le temps est cher il le faut employer. [Jean Racine]" on the 2006 one.

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