Wednesday, December 06, 2006

just another boring post about my boyfriend...

Tonight my boyfriend said the craziest stuff. I wanted to be like "who are you and what have you done with my boyfriend?!"

We were talking about Becks and if he would really leave Real (in English):
Me: So where will Becks go? Back to the UK? I really can't see him going to the US - not yet at least.
R: Well, he's just a warm-bencher
M: Bench-warmer.
R: Yes, bench-warmer, at Real. And he's so expensive, definitely overrated.
M: Still, I think it's too soon for him already to go to the US to "retire."
R: But you know he is all about being a celebrity, he cares more about that than being a football player...[here R proceeds to give me a detailed account of Becks and Posh going to TomKat's wedding, Becks getting called back to Spain by his furious coach, and how Posh and Kat(i)e Holmes are best friends]
M: [jaw-dropped open, question marks floating over head] Have you been spending too much time in the Marais?

Later we got to talking about Ségolène Royal (still in English):
R: Everytime I see her on TV I want to punch the TV and break it.
M: Ummm...
R: [goes on and on about why he hates her - her fumble with the Palestinians, her inability to comprehend what a nuclear proliferation treaty entails, she's so dumb and tarnishes the l'ENA name, etc.]
M: Can you please write this down so I can post this on my blog? You're hilarious.
R: No, people will hate me.
M: Nobody will know your name. Please? Pretty please? English-speaking people need to hear about this. All you have to do is write it down, even in French if you want and I will translate. Or you can dictate it to me!
R: No.

Ah! I'll try to wear him down and convince him to post about it.


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Rebecca said...

Lol, the warm-bencher part was adorable.

Add more English conversations with your boyfriend if you ever have the chance -- they're quite amusing.