Friday, December 08, 2006

Many Happy Returns

I've been meaning to put this up for ages now, but let me give you just a quick rundown on repeat visits to Le Cambodge, Chez Stella, and Zen Zoo. Check the original posts for more details on prices and contact information.

Le Cambodge
(Read about my first visit here.)
Remember my complaints last time? And my strategizing about how to properly approach a dining experience here? To minimize frustration with this place, take out is the only viable option. Call for takeaway at exactly 8:30 when they open, and then pick it up 20 minutes later, bottle of wine or chilled beer in hand, and head towards the Canal for a picnic, weather permitting. The only reason I say to call right at 8.30 is because that is the only time it will take only 20 minutes to prepare your order. Later in the evening you might have to wait even 1 hr for takeaway, so keep this in mind if you are hungry or impatient. Also, make sure you doublecheck your order. The first time we ordered takeaway, they switched our order with the person in front of us. Neither the customer nor the host noticed, but we did, so we got the privilege of waiting an additional 20 minutes for them to prepare our order for a 2nd time. Hooray. No free drinks while we waited or anything. In spite of the consistently horrendous service, I keep going back! Do not go here if you have anger management problems or high blood pressure. But if you are a really chill person in need of some delicious cheap Cambodian food, give it a try. We have tried almost everything on the menu and the Bobun Beef special is the best. And my favorite. And seriously addicting. It will melt away your frustration with them - a love/hate relationship indeed.

Chez Stella:
(Read about my first visit here.)
Stella and Momo were in full form on the evening that we returned, cracking jokes about the tapette mayor, and flirting with all the customers, male or female. The food was good as always, and their chocolate cake, covered with chocolate frosting (or rather, the chocolate frosting with a side of cake), was sinfully rich. Definitely a keeper.

Zen Zoo
(Read about my first visit here.)
I heart this place. I love the bubble tea and the soup is perfect when I'm feeling down or just want something light. Plus the staff is so nice. It has become one of my favorite places in Paris. They also have cultural evenings, with Chinese films - check the website for details. Highly recommended!


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