Tuesday, January 09, 2007


Today I went out to preview the sales for tomorrow. I did it more on accident than on purpose -- I had a legitimate errand to run, thank you very much -- but I couldn't help and take a look around once I was there. Not only were the stores dead, you'd think I'd entered a construction zone! There are no elves to work the magic overnight: the sales staff has worked well in advance in preparation of tomorrow, and today involved just the final touches. At Printemps there were barricades evoking crime scenes, while Galeries Lafayette employed the "saran wrap" technique:I wonder what would've happened if I had tried to open it...

I have some more Strasbourg sights for you as well.
The chestnut stand near Place Kleber: The first day out I had to buy a bag. Am I the only one who can't even finish the smallest size bag of roasted chestnuts? I stood outside the Phonehouse store eating them slowly while the boyfriend looked at shiny new mobiles, and an old man even complimented me on how I ate the chestnuts with style. I offered to share but he declined. Who knew there was a stylish way to shell and eat roasted chestnuts? If you need tips, just email me ;)

A pain au chocolat, Strasbourg-style:See what I mean? The perfect amount of sugar - just enough to be there and to be tasted, but not too much to be overwhelming or gross for breakfast. Yum.

The appropriately named Rue des Tonneliers (or, the appropriately-made mosaic):
I had to take a picture of this old lady rockin the emerald green wool suit with a fur, well, much more than just a collar, that's for sure. And yes, I'll admit it, I did (do) lust after it.

Da Canal and da boats:
The nativity at St-Guillaume:

The end!

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