Friday, November 03, 2006

The woes of having a cameraphone without a flash

Tonight I saw an OSS 117 SmartCar! Alas, no photo to show for it. I can only hope that it will stay in my hood. I will try to hunt it down and post it later.

OSS 117, a James Bond spoof, is a Jean Dujardin film that came out this spring. One of my favorite scenes is where OSS 117 is supposed to be undercover but ends up giving a rousing performance of the song "Bambino":
***EDIT*** YouTube is being dumb and won't let me embed. I already hate the Google takeover. Here is the link

Also I came across this nice photo site, and the title for this photo made me nostalgic, since La Samaritaine was my favorite, until I realized that this is Galeries Lafayette, NOT La Samaritaine. Right? Did La Samaritaine even have a dome? I think the top floor was stationary stuff, but I'm just confusing myself even more trying to remember. La Samaritaine was my favorite for two reasons:
1) They had an actual dog department. The women who worked there were equipped with measuring tapes to determine your dog's size, and in lieu of dressing rooms they had dressing tables. Nevermind the fact that most of the doggie clothes cost more than I would spend even on myself.
2) They had an awesome vintage section in this wierd alcove connecting area. With authentic Burberry trenches in all sizes and colors starting at 100€! I'm kicking myself now for not taking advantage of that.

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l'embrouillamini said...

Ooh, the vintage Burberry trench section sounds great! Quel dommage! I can't believe we have to wait "several years" (yeah, thanks for being so specific, Wikipedia) until it re-opens.

amyalkon said...

The doggie department was incredible. I used to buy ferret cases for my (très petit) doggie there. Are they really going to reopen it? I heard a rumor it would be turned into ritzy apartments.

Etienne said...

A google search revealed that the earliest it would reopen is Fall 2011 (!). The most recent articles say that the new Samaritaine will be smaller (10,000 m2) and only for home and decorations, but the new space will have a restaurant, a "cultural space", and a spa. The rest of the building will be turned into offices and apartments...but I don't think they will be very ritzy if they are "logements sociaux" (at the same time I don't see how that would be possible). This means that La Samaritaine that I knew and loved will never be the same...
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