Sunday, August 27, 2006


I've got an upcoming trip home, and I've been running around stocking up on all sorts of French products for the family. The Grandparents can't get enough of Bonne Maman jam (though now the jelly IS available back home, it just doesn't compare to the real French stuff); the Aunt loves Gavottes; the Uncle loves dijon mustard in all its forms, including the mustard flavored cheetos by Belin; Petit Bateau for all the little ones; a Star Academy compilation or two for the tweens; filterless Gitanes to inspire my smoking friends and family to quit (they are just so nasty and hardcore - my cousin will only use them when he is broke as a joke, and even then he shudders at the thought, sometimes preferring no cigs at all to the Gitanes); and unfortunately, no more cider or wine for my parents. I just don't trust the airlines enough to consider checking them.

While I'm working actively on packing and acquiring all these French goodies, I'm also thinking ahead to what I'll do while back home and what I'll stock up on.

Things I can't wait for:

Publix fried chicken and sweet tea
A real meatball sub
Free refills! Iced water as soon as you are seated! True cocktails (maybe even frozen ones)!
Bagels & cream cheese
Sales/never paying full retail price/weekly sales ads!
Using the dollar!
Orange juice by the gallon!
Gustafson's chocolate milk
Fruitstands on the side of the road
Boiled Peanuts on the side of the road
Peanut Butter and Jelly sandwiches!
Customer service
1-800 numbers
Air conditioning
The Daily Show
The Colbert Report

I'll probably stock up on all the toiletry basics that are so much cheaper in the US; the American food items that I miss, like popcorn, raspberry walnut salad dressing, Muir Glen salsa, Twizzlers, Reese's Pieces, Orbitz gum (in bulk, Costco member holla!), Jell-o; Levi's; and anything else that catches my eye.

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negrito said...

have fun !!!

Anonymous said...

Not to mention not having to pay a 20% tax on everything you buy!

Samantha said...


I'm so jealous of everyone and their trips back home....

Hope you have fun though!

Eric said...

I was in the U.S. earlier this year, so when I read your "Things I can't wait for", it made me smile to see Publix. What an amazing grocery store!

Etienne said...

Publix is indeed amazing, but once you've been to Wegmans you will be even more amazed. Though they got nothin on Publix fried chicken and sweet tea.