Monday, August 14, 2006

I was cleaning out my bathroom this morning, throwing out old lotions and medicine and soap, and I came across this set of Dior makeup. I bought it back in the summer of 2002, before I spoke French, before I ever took my first French lesson, and it has taken me this long to "get" the name. The set is called Summer Hits in English, and in French, Les Tubes de l'été. Tubes - get it? Summer Hits, but also Summer Tubes, literally, because it is eyeshadow and lip gloss packaged in tubes. I'm sad that it has taken me this long to have a eureka moment about something so simple and dumb, especially when I've had the set for almost 4 years. However, little moments like this are crucial when you're living in a foreign country and I couldn't help feeling the tiniest twinge of pride this morning at uncovering the double meaning, even shouting it out to R. in the next room.

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Stu "El Inglés" Harris said...

Non-french speakers won't get the double meaning of "tube", I fear.