Wednesday, June 14, 2006

I have never been so happy

to see gray, cloudy skies. It was just too. damn. hot. And this is coming from a Southerner, who knows her sweltering summers and 80% humidity levels. While Paris has a lower humidity than where I come from, making the heat a *bit* less intense, it makes up for it tenfold with the lack of air conditioning. At home, at work, in the metro...everything becomes more disgusting with the heat. I lose my appetite on the metro when the overwhelming body odor and stinkiness make me want to hurl; the crammed garbage cans in the street, seemingly steaming as in cartoons (you know, how they draw odors), have the same effect. So hooray for rain, to cool the city off for a bit.

And now for some links...

Kerstin and Hervé have a great photoblog of Paris. I really like this shot, but it would be hard to pick a favorite.

Polémix et La Voix off (FR) takes audio clips from French politicians, splicing them and remixing them to a beat. Funny stuff, there's a new one every few days or so, usually focusing on the latest scandal or faux pas.

The New York Times recently published an article comparing the cosmetic habits of French and American women. While you have to pay to read the article, one forum posted the entire text here. What I find most refreshing about this natural emphasis is the overall lack of plastic surgery seen with French celebrities - they don't seem so fake. While there are obvious exceptions (Johnny Halliday, and apparently Catherine Deneuve), it's nothing compared to the perfectionist American celebrities. Anyone who's ever doubted the natural beauty of actresses and models needs to read this blog.

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