Wednesday, January 09, 2008


We have been exploring l'Ariege and Midi-Pyrenees slowly but surely, making daytrips or afternoon visits here and there. Last weekend we went to Ax-les-thermes, which is known mainly for 3 things: the hot springs, the ski slopes, and the casino. Even though we did not partake in any of these activities, we still enjoyed our afternoon there.

Springs, fountains, and spigots with the hot spring water are found all throughout the town, hidden in inconspicuous walls or featured in more central locations. We didn't have an appointment at this spa, but we did dip our feet in the public wading pool near the casino:
And even though we didn't go skiing, we did have a fun time riding the cable cars up to the lower ski slope, Bonascre. Minus one stomach-dropping moment where our car stopped for a few minutes at what felt like the highest point. Unfortunately this region has not really had much snow this winter, and the ski slopes and area businesses are feeling it.
We had a fabulous lunch at Le Chalet, a bib gourmand restaurant, but that is another post entirely.

And finally, what would a Saturday afternoon be without a Nutella crepe?
Ax-les-thermes is cute enough, with winding streets and elaborately decorated crepe stands, and I really enjoyed my afternoon there. If I ever go back I will be sure to research the spas in the area! Plan on about a 2 hr train ride from Toulouse. The cable cars are about 6€ roundtrip to get to the first point, Bonascre.

One last photo, of the Casino:

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M said...

Précision touristique supplémentaire: Ax demeure sous la coupe d'un des derniers représentants d'une race en voie disparition: l'ultra-socialiste radical Bonrepaux.

Etienne said...

How could I leave that off? Unforgivable! :P