Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Video Post!

I'm not in France anymore, but through the magic of the internet I have been able to follow things closely. I'd like to share some of the YouTube goldmines I've seen in these past few days.

Sarko's interview with Charlie Rose (Sarko is translated in English). I guess it's one of the few where he hasn't totally been able to control his image - look how miniature he looks!
Part I, where Rose asks him point blank about betraying Chirac:
Part II, where Sarko compares Turkey to Mexico. O-kaaay...

For comparison, here is another Charlie Rose interview with a man worthy of the French presidential office:

And then I really got addicted to watching all the Canal+ "Boite a questions" clips. Here is my favorite, with Philippe de Villiers. This guy is so ridiculous he just cracks me up:

Now compare what de Villiers just said to Colbert's take on Sego:

And here is Sarkozy doing the same:

One with Dominique de Villepin and others:

A compilation of other people on Sego (why didn't she do it herself?):

Finally, the classic '93 Sarko-Sego standoff (she is so ridiculous!!! Honey, eyerolls aren't a proper response in this type of interaction):

Oh, and one more English interview with Sego...even I didn't watch the whole thing because the narrator sloow monotone just bored me to tears.

There are tons of "boite a questions" on YouTube and DailyMotion, and a few in English with American or English stars, so if you have time to kill check it out.

UPDATE: I had to add this classic, Colbert congratulating Sarkozy in French!

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Anonymous said...

Dominique's accent is sexy as hell. God, I LOVE when Frenchmen speak English....especially when they speak it WELL!

I agree with Sarkozy's comments, although I didn't think his analogy of Turkey to Europe as Mexico to the US. I got his point, but that analogy was obviously flawed...

Did I say Dominique is hot? Just checking...

I find European optimism when it comes to whether or not "anyone" can achieve in the US slightly amusing.

It reminds me of France's claims of universal equality...all at once a truth and a myth.

Colbert was hilarious and I've never even heard of this show before but if it's on iTunes when I'm in France, I'll be EXTREMELY happy! LOVE this show!

Etienne said...

Have you been living under a rock for the past few years?! Never heard of the Colbert Report? He is hilarious and I think you should be able to watch everything on the Comedy Central site, unless it blocks non-US users. And I thought his accent wasn't half-bad, especially compared to Tony Blair's own congrats to Sarko.

Yes, DDV is GORGEOUS. So classy. Though I find his tan a bit unnatural. He is someone who has definitely gotten better with age - I have posted one of his ENA pictures before and he was so goofy looking back then.

Anonymous said...

You know what it is?...I only watch TV5! When I finally decided France was the country I wanted to live in, I began watching TV5 exclusively. I almost never watch American television...actually, I'm going to blog about this soon. There's a method to my madness! Hehe!

Parisian Cowboy said...

Sarko is a short stuff.