Sunday, February 11, 2007

I know I'm back home when...

Grocery Shopping Edition

The store brand package designs are minimal, clean, and sadly do not feature picketing cartoon characters. (But the name is much funnier when imagined in a Borat voice.)

The beef jerky aisle rivals that of the entire meat section of my corner grocery in Paris.

Grill packs to go for ~$10.

The gas station's coolers make it so easy to shop for that 40s or Hurricane-themed party you've always dreamed of hosting. Yep, those are 40s, no baby 12 ounces here. And for only 99 cents!

And strangely enough, at the local liquor store, not only could I find a bottle of Henri Bardouin Pastis (my boyfriend's favorite), and not only was it the same price it would be in France, at ~$20, but also less than the Ricard (at a whopping $30)!

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rebecca said...

Haha. Nice.

Szo said...

Hello again ~ My computer's hasn't been working for a while, and I forgot how entertaining your blog is!

Keep posting. :)