Sunday, April 09, 2006

Guerrilla Marketing

Spotted on a Rav4 on Rue des Filles Saint Thomas in the 2nd:(THIS CAR IS UGLY and its owner has a little dick)

just a few cars down on the same street, on a ML320, a bit more bold:(BIG SUV = SMALL BALLS, and incidentally, a BIG ASSHOLE as well)

When I saw the first one I imagined an angry girlfriend...but with the second one I realized that it was just another example of French SUV haters. I don't think these silly tactics do anything for the environmentalists besides making them look insecure & immature, but I prefer these funny posters to the other methods, which include slashing tires. Still...if I had an SUV and I got one of these I would laugh and then be even more determined to keep it. If you're interested in reading more about the anti-SUV, or even anti-CAR people: the site for Carfree France and anti4x4.


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